Zeppelin LZ 16

The Zeppelin LZ 16 - Z IV was a German military rigid airship. It was first flown on 14 March 1913. On 3 April 1913 accidentally crossed the French border due to a navigational error caused by poor visibility. LZ 16 landed on the cavalry parade ground at Lunéville, allowing the French to perform a detailed examination. In August 1914 it was used for reconnaissance over East Prussia and bombed Warsaw on 24 September 1914. Also it was used for training before being decommissioned in the autumn of 1916.

Picture of LZ 16 - Z IV
Name: Zeppelin LZ 16
Other Name(s): Z IV
Construction Number: LZ 16
Class: H
Tactical Numbering: Z IV
Role: Military airship
National Origin: Germany
Decade: 1910s
First Flight: 14 March 1913
Status: Decommissioned in the autumn of 1916