Zeppelin Facts - Fun Information, Types and other Facts

Here you can read what was the purpose of the spire on the top of the Empire State Building, what was supposed to be the name of the Hindenburg according to some people and which were the largest airships.

Picture of Modern Zeppelin Airship

Interesting Facts about Zeppelins

Zeppelins ruled the skies for only 40 year but they changed them for ever. They had good and bad and very interesting sides and we can still learn a lot from them. Read more interesting facts about zeppelins and rigid airships.

Picture of German Battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz with a Zeppelin overhead

Types of Zeppelins

Zeppelins, although held the same name, were improved in time and served different purposes from experimental over the civilian and military to exploration and propaganda. WE will deal with some of them here.

List of Airship Accidents

There were many incidents in airships history. One of the zeppelin disasters ended era known as the ”Golden Age of Zeppelins”. Here you can find information about airship and zeppelin accidents.

Picture of IWM Zeppelin Spy Basket