Zeppelin LZ 11 - Viktoria Luise

The Zeppelin LZ 11 was a German civilian and military rigid airship operated by DELAG (German Transport Company). After it was use by DELAG as passenger-carrying airship later was taken over as a training airship by the German military upon the outbreak of World War I. On 1 October 1915, LZ 11 was broke apart while being put into its hangar.

Picture of LZ 11 - Victoria Luise
Name: Zeppelin LZ 11
Other Name(s): Viktoria Luise
Construction Number: LZ 11
Class: G
Tactical Numbering: Viktoria Luise
Role: Civilian airship, Passanger airship, DELAG, Military airship
National Origin: Germany
Decade: 1910s
First Flight: 19 February 1912
Status: Broke apart while being put into its hangar on 1 October 1915