Zeppelin LZ 14 - L 1

Zeppelin LZ 14 – L1 was a German military rigid airship. It was first flown on 7 October 1912. On 9 September it was brought down into the North Sea during a thunderstorm. This was the first Zeppelin accidents with fatalities. Today this accident is known as Helgoland Island Air Disaster.

Picture of LZ 14 - L 1 Zeppelin
Name: Zeppelin LZ 14
Other Name(s): L 1
Construction Number: LZ 14
Class: H
Tactical Numbering: L 1
Role: Military airship
National Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Luftschiffbau Zeppelin
Decade: 1910s
First Flight: 7 October 1912
Status: Destroyed on 9 September in accident
Remarks: The first Airship accident to cause fatalities