Zeppelin LZ 17

The Zeppelin LZ 17- Sachsen was a German civilian and military rigid airship. It was first flown on 3 May 1913. During its passenger-carrying carrier transported 9,837 passengers in 419 flights, travelling 39,919km. In 1914 it was taken over by German military upon outbreak of World War I. As military airship it had bomb racks and bomb drop station fitted, together with an improved radio room, machine guns in the cars below and a gunners' nest in the tail. In attack on Antwerp LZ 17 carried 820 kg (1,800 pounds) of bombs and spent 12 hours in the air. It was decommissioned in autumn of 1916.

Name: Zeppelin LZ 17
Other Name(s): Sachsen, Sachsen Zeppelin
Construction Number: LZ 17
Class: H
Tactical Numbering: Sachsen
Role: Civilian airship, Passanger airship, Military airship
National Origin: Germany
Decade: 1910s
First Flight: 3 May 1913
Number of Flights: 419 (as passanger airship)
Status: Decommissioned in autumn of 1916