Zeppelin LZ 6

The Zeppelin LZ 6 was German experimental civilian, passenger-carrying airship. LZ 6 was a fist airship created for German airship Transport Company – DELAG (Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft - German Airship Transport Company). It was first flown on 25 August 1909. Also it was a first zeppelin with experimental wireless communication. It was accidentally destroyed on 14 September 1910 by fire in its hangar at Oos, Baden-Baden.

Picture of Zeppelin LZ 6 in Berlin
Name: LZ 6 Zeppelin
Construction Number: LZ 6
Class: D
Role: Experimental airship, Civilian airship
National Origin: Germany
Decade: 1900s
First Flight: 25 August 1909
Status: Destroyed by fire in its hangar