Zeppelin LZ 7

The Zeppelin LZ 7 was a German civilian, passenger-carrying airship, constructed for DELAG – German Airship Transport Company. It was first flown on 19 June 1910. Due to large damage, it was decommissioned after the crashing during a thunderstorm over the Teutoburg Forest on 28 June 1910.

Picture of Passanger Zeppelin LZ 7
Picture of Forward Command Gondola of Zeppelin LZ 7
Name: LZ 7 Zeppelin
Construction Number: LZ 7
Class: E
Role: Civilian airship, Passanger airship, DELAG
National Origin: Germany
Decade: 1910s
First Flight: 19 June 1910
Status: Damaged beyond repair
Front of Zeppelin LZ 7