Zeppelin LZ 13 - Hansa

The Zeppelin LZ 13 – Hansa was a German civilian and military rigid airship. It was first flown on 30 July 1912. LZ 13 was built for DELAG to carry passengers and post. It carried first international passenger flights. LZ 13 visited Denmark and Sweden in September 1912. In 1913 it was taken over as a training craft by the German Navy and upon the outbreak of World War I it was requisitioned by the German military who used it for bombing, reconnaissance, and as a training airship.

Picture of LZ 13 - Hansa Zeppelin
Picture of LZ 13 - Hansa Zeppelin
NameZeppelin LZ 13
Other Name(s)Hansa, LZ 13 Hansa
Construction NumberLZ 13
Tactical NumberingHansa
RoleCivilian airship, Passanger airship, DELAG, Military airhisp
National OriginGermany
ManufacturerLuftschiffbau Zeppelin
First Flight30 July 1912
Number of Flights399 flights
Primary User/Under Direction ofDELAG, German military
StatusDecommissioned and retired in summer 1916
RemarksDuring two years of commercial DELAG service it carried 6,217 passengers, covering 44,437 kilometres on 399 flights. From 1915 used as a military airship, making over 500 flights.